Telephony, adding contact automatically
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AutoContact Full 1.5

is a background app that after a phone call asks you to add the caller as new contact. Asks for non contact callers only, and offers automatic and manual insert.
Version notes can be found here.

Howto.Get it

Option 1: From market you can buy the application directly from market by searching the name of the application

Option 2: Handster download (50% discount!) This is ~50% cheaper than market download, this is a PayPal/Creadit Card etc.

Click here to get it from Handster

Option 3: From MobileF1rst (50% discount!) click
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AutoContact Full will request 4 permissions that users will be warned about

Current.Feature list

  • Starts a background process to monitor the callers
  • Checks the contact list to be sure the contact is not in it yet
  • Recognizes UNKNOWN callers (if no caller number received)
  • Offers autmatic contact adding: number saved with a generated name
  • A notification and icon is showing while service is running
  • DEBUG mode: if you find a bug you can turn on debug log, repeat the buggy situation and send the log to us
  • (Free version) Have the above functionality
  • (Full version) Beside the free funcionality it has more intelligence eg:
    - monitors the outgoing calls also
    - notification can be switched off -> silence mode running
    - unwanted numbers can be BANned - so the app will never ask them again
  • Localized to: English

Question.And answers

What is the major difference between the Full and FREE versions?
Using the full version you are able to monitor outgoing calls too, and you can switch off the notification, so the service runs silently
Is the full version available?
Yes! Go and get it!
How can I send bugs or hint for improvement?
Send us email here:
The DEBUG mode feature makes the app to create an event log of the buggy situation you find, please make this log and send us in order to fix the problem - thanks!

Howto.use it

In the first place you click on the launcher icon of the program to read the information panel and(!) to start the background process starts listening to phone calls and callers.
1. A: The first interaction with the background service is when a caller rings
- who is out of the contact list
- you answers the call and talk to the caller
- the caller identification is known (have the number)
1. B: you dial a number
- what is not in your contact list
- you talked to the other
2. the program asks you what to do
- Add contact
- Automatically add contact (generates a name for it with the date, like this: Who? 2010.03.10 12:30)
- not add contact
3. if you choose add contact than the new contact action(window) is executed
4. if you want it automatically then the service adds the contact in background


As this is a background process there is no screenshots available.


2010-05-20 version 1.5
- menu with fast access to our products on the market
- small debug mode fixes
- cheat code feature on paid version also
- on onUserPresent event the service restarts if it was not running for some reason

2010-05-08 version 1.4
- Ban list feature! You can ban call numbers
- debug mode switch and sending debug log to developer (us)
- try to fix blindly the *automatic settings menu popup after a call* problem
(some devices had the problem, please send debug log if problem still exists)

2010-05-02 version 1.3
- service notification turnoff bugfix

2010-04-24 version 1.2
- automatic restart after reboot

2010-04-15 version 1.1
- notification shows mode: incoming or incoming+outgoing
- outgoing calls bugfix

2010-04-14 version 1.0
- automatic contact generating option
- outgoing call handling (full, paid version only)
- news dialog
- notification showing service is running

2010-04-05 version 0.9b (beta)
- First Beta version released

- Download them, use them Ararena