AutoRecall.Full TICKET2.0

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AutoRecall Full 2.0 - TICKET

is an app that gives automatic ReDial and ReCall feature to your phone. Repeat calls automatically on busy or other call failures unlimited times.
Version notes can be found here.


AutoRecall Full will request 5 permission that users will be warned about
READ_CONTACTS for selecting contact
WRITE_CONTACTS for making a clear call log
CALL_PHONE to call
READ_PHONE_STATE to monitor our calls
WAKE_LOCK for staying alive
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS to turn speaker on

Current.Feature list

This app became a Ticket app, this means that
1. it will not have any more updates (last version v2.0)
2. the updates are continuing on the free version
3. you have to get the free version and use this app as an unlock key, to make the free work like a full version
4. this app is a working app though, but will not have updates anymore
Again: You are not loosing your money! Only you will use the free version unlocked (with full functionality) and having new updates on that

Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Redials and calls selected contact
  • Contact selection modes:
    - From contact list
    - Manual number dial
    - Distinct list from the last outgoing calls
  • (Free version) Repeats: number of call attempts can be specified - for at most 3 attempts (cheat: 5 attempts).
  • (Full version) Repeats: number of call attempts can be specified - for at most 9999 attempts.
  • Speaker: During the calls the speaker can be turned on or off depending on this setting
  • Cheat codes available for full and free versions
  • Localized to: English
  • Debug feature: if you find a bug than make a debug log and send it to us with some info of the bug.

Question.And answers

I have Motorola Droid and the app does not cut a busy call, why?
The Motorola Droid has such a built in phone app what does not end the call when the busy is detected. Other phones are automatically cut such calls. This app can not cut any call, so can not cut a busy call either - This is an API limitation so this issue can not be solved at the moment, sorry
Does not work on voicemail?
The same problem as above: the app can not cut a call ran into a voicemail. As above, this issue can not be solved at the moment, sorry
What is the major difference between the Full and FREE versions?
Using the full version you can set unlimited call attempts.
Is the full version available?
Yes, go and get it if you want unlimited repeats.
How can I send bugs or hint for improvement?
Send us email here:

Howto.use it

There many limitations of the API in this recalling approach, there is no possibility to catch phone handling button presses, restricted call start/end informaiton and so on.
This is why many workarounds had to be set in order to achieve this result.

The usage is simple:
1. setup the repeats and speaker settings
2. choose the call number you want to dial
3. start the seqence
4. when service starts the menu disappears and starts the calling
5. when a failure occurs (busy, no response) the menu reappears enabling you to interact - eg. stopping service.
6. and recalling again and again...
7. until a successful call occurs or you stop the service (and of course: if the service reaches the number of repeats previously set)


On the first shot you can see AutoRecall has a simple menu, on the second shot the limitation of the FREE version is shown


2011-01-24 version 2.0
- Full version becomes an unlock ticket app, so from now only the free will be updated!
Payed customers should use the full version only as an unlock key!
The full version stops at v2.0

2010-10-14 version 1.51
- Bugfix when selecting contact on android 2.0 or higher

2010-10-11 version 1.5
- Bugfix when selecting contact without tel. number

2010-10-08 version 1.4
- Setting option to set time delay between calls
- The repeating call sequence stops when you turn off the display (sleep mode)
- Menu restructure

2010-05-29 version 1.3 released
- clearing generated call log option (on full version)
---> required WRITE_CONTACTS permission
- cheat code possibility on free and full versions
- debug feature
- menu restructuring
- Bugfix: Speaker setting checkable between calls also

2010-04-08 version 1.00
- First version released on market

- Download them, use them Ararena