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Multi Ticket for AutoAppOrganizer and AutoContact FREE

is a ticket that will unlock both applications immediately as you install it. The key needs to be installed only for a few days, after that you will be told to uninstall it if you want, but the unlock effect will stay.

download.ticket app

AutoAppOrganizer and AutoContact Unlock key will unlock the free app so the ad-banner is removed from the AutoAppOrganizer and the Outgoing options made available in the AutoContact!
You can choose the from these three options:

1) Direct market download This is more expensive than the others but it is probably the fastest way
Click here to get it from market

2) Handster download (50% discount!) This is ~50% cheaper than market download, this is a PayPal/Creadit Card etc.

Click here to get it from Handster


Ticket apps need no permissions!

Current.Feature list

  • unlocks AutoAppOrganizer ans Autocontact free applications - turns them to full versions
  • in a few days after installing the key application the inlocked applications will inform you, that they are remembered that you had a ticket, so you can uninstall the ticket saving the memory

Question.And answers

Is it a complete full version?
No this is an unlock key to the free version, so you have to have the free version installed and this key installed to have the free version work like the full version.

Howto.use it

Simply install it, and see how your free version turns to full version. Wait a few days and you can uninstall the ticket app since the tartget free app will inform you that there is no need for the ticket app to be installed anymore.



there are no screens, it is just a ticket app.



2010-10-23 version 0.1
- First version released

- Download them, use them Ararena